Update - 2021 Summer Camp Registration Begins 4/1 &4/2




Good afternoon campers and families!


I wanted to send out some additional information that may be helpful as you prepare for registration for NSDC Summer 2021 to open this week.


I have had some questions from our camp community about residency. I hope that this info will help clear up any confusion:



  • North Salem Residents – Registration opens for CIT and Campers tomorrow 4/1 at 9am. Camper tuition is $575/two-week session, CIT tuition is $450/two-week session. Both fees include mandatory busing.


  • North Salem School District Residents – Registration opens for CIT and Campers tomorrow 4/1 at 9am. Camper tuition is $675/two-week session, CIT tuition is $450/two-week session. Both fees include mandatory busing.


  • Non-Residents – Registration opens for CIT and Campers Friday 4/2 at 9am. Camper tuition is $675/two-week session, CIT tuition is $450/two-week session. Both fees include mandatory busing.


To start, everyone will have the opportunity to register for one session only, regardless of residency. On April 6th at 9am, any remaining spots will open to any campers or CITs looking for a second or third session. At this time, a waitlist will also be available for all sessions in case COVID-19 restrictions allow us to register more campers.


Online Registration

Registration is online using the North Salem Recreation Dept’s Community Pass system at https://register.communitypass.net/NorthSalemRecreation

I strongly suggest that you preview the system to familiarize yourself with the process before you attempt to register. Please create an account for yourself and be sure to "add a child" to your account before registering, otherwise you will register yourself instead of your child.


PLEASE DON’T JUMP THE LINE! WE ARE WORKING TO MAKE REGISTRATION FAIR FOR ALL. Please respect the dates and only register during your residency’s registration period. Any enrollments received outside of the appropriate registration window will be cancelled. We are happy to help! Please email us at camp@northsalemny.org and we can help determine your residency.

  • A “North Salem Resident” has a North Salem address and pays their taxes to the Town of North Salem.

  • A “North Salem School District Resident” does not have a North Salem address, pays their taxes to a town other than North Salem, but attends North Salem Schools.

  • A “Non-Resident” does not have a North Salem address and does not attend North Salem Schools.


Payment options

We are now accepting credit card and e-check payments! A non-refundable online payment convenience fee will be applied to all transactions utilizing the online payment option. Convenience fees will not be added to payments made via check directly to the Recreation Dept.



Immunization Records and Health Information

All individuals on the campground must have an up-to-date (dated no earlier than August 2020) immunization record on file with the camp. Please be prepared with a copy of this document - we will distribute a link to CampDoc.com in the coming weeks to upload your child's health information. You will not need this to register right now.


Mandatory Bus Transportation

Busing will be mandatory for all campers, CIT, and most staff this summer. We need to limit the amount of visitors, parents, and other non-campers on our campgrounds. The bus will leave from one central location within North Salem only. Bus stop location to be announced. No busing will be available outside North Salem for the 2021 camp season. All individuals will ride the bus with their pods and will be spaced out as required.


Staff Applications

We will be hiring a limited number of staff 16 years or older this summer. There will be a very limited amount of 15 year old junior counselor positions available. All staff MUST be available for the entire camp season - from June 25th through August 6th. Staff Applications open on April 1st at 9am.




We have not yet received new guidance from the NYS DOH regarding COVID-19 precautions for this summer. We have had to build our 2021 plan based off the guidance issued last summer. It is our hope that restrictions will loosen. Our aim is to get every child to camp. Our ultimate goal is to allow every child to attend for the FULL SIX WEEKS (which is one more week than we have ever offered in the past!) but we are not there yet. As new guidance is issued, we will pass along a NSDC update to the camp community as soon as we can.


Thank you for sticking with us as we have tried to do what is best for all of our long-time camp families while still being able to welcome new families to the community! Please reach out via email with any questions and I'd be happy to help! camp@northsalemny.org 


Lauren Rosasco

Day Camp Director