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Health & Fitness



Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, and help them build a strong and flexible body.  We will practice fun-filled yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote: Physical Strength and Flexibility; Concentration, Focus and Attention; Inner Strength and Body Awareness; Confidence and Self-esteem; Relaxation and Self-control; A Feeling of Well-being and Respect for Others; Love for One's Self, Inside and Out. Tools that can help kids balance everyday life.

Martial Arts

In select summers, we invite local martial artists to work with our campers. Students will learn martial arts techniques, elements of self-defense as well as important values and life skills. The class incorporates fun & educational games and skills drills as a learning tool. Taught by expert instructors, the exciting classes focus a child’s attention, thus improving their ability to learn and grow.

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