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Registration Tutorials & FAQs

The resources below will assist with online registration and health information submission. It is highly suggested to read through this material BEFORE attempting to register.

  1. How do I create an account?

    • We use CommunityPass for online registration. You already have an account if you attended NSDC or any NS Rec programs since 2020. New participants will need to create an account. To get started, click here

    • Follow the prompts to create your account. Please be sure to "add a child" to your account before registering for a session, otherwise you will register yourself instead of your child. To do this, login or create an account, then click “view account”, then “add child” in the top right corner?

  2. How do I register for camp?

    • Login or follow the steps in FAQ #1 above to create your account.

    • Next, click the yellow “Click here to register” button to view our full catalog,  select “North Salem Day Camp” and “view sessions” Select the appropriate grade & sessions, then click “add to cart.”

    • Once you have added the desired sessions for each child, proceed to checkout to complete your registration.

  3. Am I a North Salem Resident? Do I qualify for the "Resident Discount" / "Resident Tuition Rate"?

    • A “North Salem Resident” has a North Salem address and pays their taxes to the Town of North Salem [Receives Resident Rate].

    • A “North Salem School District Resident” does not have a North Salem address, pays their taxes to a town other than North Salem, but attends North Salem Schools [Receives Non-Resident Rate but has access to early registration].

    • A “Non-Resident” does not have a North Salem address and does not attend North Salem Schools [Receives Non-Resident Rate].

  4. How do I register for a full summer session? I don't see a program named "full summer session".

    • When registering, you will not see an option for a "full summer" session. Instead, you must select the sessions you want to register for individually... select all three sessions to enroll your child in a "full summer."

  5. How can I see what spaces are currently available for this summer?

    • The most up-to-date list of program availability is online. View the program catalog here.

  6. I can’t add the session to my cart – it says my child isn’t eligible.

    • Check your child’s demographic information: go back to the Community Pass homepage, click “view account”, then select “edit” next to your child’s name. The “current grade” field must list the grade your child is in right now (school year 2023-2024). If the grade or date of birth is incorrect, you must contact us to correct it.

    • Check that you are registering for the right grade: for summer camp, we group children by the grade they are entering in the fall. You should register for the grade your child will be going into after the summer.

  7. I can’t add the session to my cart – my child’s name is not displayed on the participant select screen.

    • Please be sure to "add a child" to your account before registering for a session, otherwise you will register yourself instead of your child. To do this, login or create an account, then click “view account”, then “add child” in the top right corner.

  8. What is the refund policy?

    • View our refund policy here. Full refunds (less the processing fee and any online payment convenience fees paid) are available until May 31st. After June 1st and before the first day of camp, a 75% refund (less the processing fee and any online payment convenience fees paid). Once camp starts, refunds will not be available.

  9. When is payment due?

    • Payment is not required to register - payment is due in full by May 15th.After this date, a late fee of $75 will apply to all accounts with a remaining balance or incomplete health profile.​​

  10. How do I make a payment? What are my payment options?

    • Pay by credit card or e-check online (a non-refundable online payment convenience fee will be applied to all transactions utilizing the online payment option).

      • Login to your Community Pass account here. Go to "My Account" in the top right corner of the page and click "View/Pay Balances"​

    • Payment by cash or check (no convenience fees for in-person cash/check payments or checks received by mail). Choose "SEND PAYMENT" when registering.

      • Drop off a cash/check payment or mail your check payment to our office: North Salem Recreation, 3 Owens Road PO Box 163, Croton Falls, NY 10519.​

  11. How do I cancel my registration?

  12. How do I add my child to the waitlist?

    • To add your child to the waitlist, you will need to first login/create an account with Community Pass (see FAQ #1).

    • For any programs that are full, the “add to cart” button will not be available. Instead, the “add to waitlist” button will be in it’s place. Click this button. After you have added all desired sessions to your cart, proceed to checkout and complete the required questions to submit.

  13. When will I know if my child can be promoted from the waitlist and registered for camp?

    • We work hard to find a place at camp for everyone. We constantly monitor registration to see where we can best place campers when registration is full. If your child is on the waitlist, we will notify you ASAP if a spot opens up via email.

  14. How do I sign up for text alerts?

    • TEXT ALERTS - You must opt-in to receive emergency alerts via text message. After you've completed this transaction, go to your account homepage, click "View Account" - select your name/primary account holder name under "Individual Information" - click "Edit" - enter your Mobile Phone Number, Mobile Provider and check the box labelled "Receive alerts via text messaging. By checking this box, I understand that standard text messaging rates may apply." - click "Save Changes".

  15. Where do I submit my child’s health information and immunization forms?

    • You will receive a link prior to the start of camp via email to complete your child’s health profile on CampDoc. We will be using the CampDoc system to manage COVID-19 daily prescreening (if required), immunization records and other health information. Please be sure and are added to your contact list so you do not miss out on important emails.

    • All individuals on the campground must have an up-to-date (dated no earlier than August 2023) immunization record on file with the camp. These documents will be submitted via CampDoc.

    • Any individual with medication that needs to be taken at camp or an “as needed” medication will need to submit a medication confirmation form with parental consent and a doctor’s signature. If a child is allowed to self-administer, a document stating this from the child’s doctor is also required. These forms will be available via CampDoc.​

    • Tutorial below.

How to complete a health profile tutoria
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