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Water Activities

Pool Facility
North Salem Day Camp Pool

We have a large, in-ground pool, fully staffed with certified lifeguards and a Water Safety Instructor to help campers learn to swim. Campers are typically scheduled for at least one swim period per day, but this may change based on the special activity calendar or inclement weather.

Our pool has four sections, ranging from 2 feet - 12 feet deep.

Swim Tests

All campers are given a swim test by our Pool Staff during the first two days of camp, prior to being allowed free swim. The swim test classifies campers based on their swim ability and will be shown by colored wristbands:

  • A Non-Swimmer or “No Band” swimmer is restricted to the shallow end of the pool in water no deeper than chest deep (2 feet).

  • Beginners, or “Red Bands”, are allowed in the section of the pool with a maximum depth of 4 feet.

  • Intermediate or “”Yellow Bands”, are allowed in the section of the pool with a maximum depth of 5 feet.

  • Advanced or “Blue Bands”, are allowed in all sections of the pool. Our pool has a maximum depth of 12 feet.

Lakefront - Boating
Canoe on Hemlock Lake

Hemlock Lake offers 4th - 7th grade campers the opportunity to explore in one of our many canoes, kayaks, rowboats or paddleboats. The lake is fully staffed with certified lifeguards who are experienced boaters. Campers learn boating basics such as: how to paddle and steer each type of watercraft, teamwork paddling and what to do in an emergency including how to right yourself in case of a capsize of your boat or another boat.

Lakefront - Fishing
Fishing 1.JPG

Hemlock Lake also offers the perfect opportunity to try out fishing! Campers will work with our staff and local fisherman to learn and practice fishing basics.

Lake - Drone.png
Kayaks on Hemlock Lake
Fishing 2.JPG
Lake 4.jpg
Canoe Paddles
Boats on Hemlock Lake
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