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Employee Paperwork 2024

Thank you for scheduling an interview appointment. Please complete each form below and provide a copy of any necessary documents (passport, license, etc). Please do not email documents - many of these could contain sensitive information.

 Please contact us with any questions:

1. Staff Questionnaire

Please complete the Google form and submit prior to your interview. This will help us to understand what you hope to accomplish at NSDC this summer. Please complete online, you do not need to bring a copy of this to your interview.

2. Camp Policies

Code of Conduct Statement, Safety Pledge, Blogging, and Cell Phone Policy. Please sign and bring to your interview appointment.

3. Form W-4

Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate ​

  • You need to complete page 1 only (with signature) and bring a printed copy to your interview.

  • If you wish to claim exempt status, you must write "exempt" below box 4(c).

4. Form I-9

Employment Eligibility Verification​ - please complete form and provide documentation:​

  • Current, Valid Photo ID (Passport, Driver's License, Student ID)​

  • Social Security Card

  • Birth Certificate

5. Working Papers (under 18 only)

Working Papers are required for anyone under 18 years of age. These can be obtained from your school's guidance department. ​For more information about how and where to obtain working papers, visit:

  • Please be sure you have current working papers, depending on your age during employment:
    • Blue Card for 14/15 year olds​

    • Green Card for 16/17 year olds

6. NYS Retirement System

You must submit ONE of the following forms - Form RS-5420 to enroll in the Retirement System OR the Declination to decline enrollment.


Note:  The New York State Retirement System is an optional benefit for all seasonal employees.  Additional information may be found online at: If you are a new employee with the Town of North Salem and you are currently a member of the New York State Local Retirement System, please complete Form RS-5420 and provide us with your membership number.

Form RS-5420

Employee's Retirement System Membership Registration


Declination of Retirement System Benefits

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