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Staff Information 2024

Congratulations! You've been hired for a position at North Salem Day Camp! Please complete each form below within 10 days of being hired.



All Staff needs to attend staff training on Thursday, June 27th AND Friday, June 28th from 8:30am to 3:30pm. For both days, please bring a pen/pencil, bathing suit and towel for your swim test, and a bottle of water. You will need to bring a bagged lunch each day. You should be wearing sneakers to camp every day. Don't forget to bring ideas with you about how you can keep campers occupied during rainy days or down-time between classes - we will discuss these ideas during training.


**There is no transportation for Staff Training. All staff will need to drive to the camp or be dropped off & picked up**


Training will take place at the camp Mess Hall, follow signs to: Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park- 201 Hawley Road, North Salem, NY. There are two camps located on the Mt. Lakes grounds. We are located on the second camp ground (Camp Hemlock), just passed Camp Morty. View directions.

Staff Transportation

When camp is in session, all staff and counselors are required to meet at Pequenakonck Elementary School (173 June Road) and take the bus to camp, unless otherwise arranged. Counselors must be at the school by 8:20am and may not leave the school until 3:20pm or after all your campers are dismissed (whichever is later).


Specialist hours vary – please refer to your employment paperwork. Lifeguards, Specialists and Instructors that have their own transportation may be permitted to drive to camp and park on camp grounds - parking is limited at the camp.


**There will be no daily drop-offs at Mt. Lakes Park during the camp season**

Please complete the form below. We are working on finalizing parking and busing logistics so your accurate responses are very important. We will confirm your information and parking/drop-off location a week before camp begins. Thank you!

Staff Bio

We would like our camp families to know a little bit about the staff that is responsible for taking care of their children every day. Prior to the start of camp, each camper will receive a brief bio/picture of each of their group’s counselors. Submit your bio via Google Forms

Additional Documentation - if required

Please remember to submit any documents we discussed during your interview that you didn't bring along, if applicable. These may include certifications (such as CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding, etc.) and Employee Paperwork (such as ID, birth certificate, etc. - see below).

Employee Paperwork

These documents should've been brought to your interview. If you did not do so, you will need to complete them now. Please follow the instructions given to you by our Human Resources personnel during your interview to complete this requirement. Additional copies of these documents can be found here, if needed.


These documents will be helpful to you as you begin to create your lesson plans. Please submit your week one lesson plan and any supply requests by June 15th.

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