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Camp Staff FAQs

How Do I.....
  1. Submit My Employment Paperwork?

    • During your interview, you completed several documents that are required for your employment. Please submit any missing documents ASAP. All documents and instructions can be found here.

  2. Submit My Staff Bio?

    • Submit your staff biography here.

  3. Complete the Transportation Survey?

    • Complete this important survey here.

  4. Send Copies of My Certifications?

    • If a specific certification is required for your position, email your current card to

  5. Sign up for text alerts?

    • TEXT ALERTS - You must opt-in to receive emergency alerts via text message through your Community Pass account (where you submitted your original application). Go to your account homepage, click "View Account" - select your name/primary account holder name under "Individual Information" - click "Edit" - enter your Mobile Phone Number, Mobile Provider and check the box labelled "Receive alerts via text messaging. By checking this box, I understand that standard text messaging rates may apply." - click "Save Changes".​​

  6. Complete My CampDoc Health Profile? What is it and how do I access it?

    • All individuals on the campground must have an up-to-date (dated no earlier than August 2023) immunization record on file with the camp as well as complete the required health information questions. These documents will be submitted via the CampDoc system.

    • You have received a link via email to complete your health profile on CampDoc. Please be sure and are added to your contact list so you do not miss out on important emails.

    • Any individual under 18 with medication that needs to be taken at camp or an “as needed” medication will need to submit a medication confirmation form with parental consent and a doctor’s signature. If this individual is allowed to self-administer, a document stating this from the individual’s doctor is also required. These forms will be available via CampDoc.​

    • Tutorial below.

How to complete a health profile tutoria
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